SRental | Outdoor rental for your events

SRental can help you organise your outdoor events. We have a full range of parasols, heaters, benches, tables and chairs, as well as futons, lighting and customised flooring. 

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Barrel - White colour

Barrels - Natural

Square wooden picnic table

Picnic Table

Slatted garden table

Square slatted table

Slatted Chair

Picnic Chair

Amani barstool

Pallet Cocktail Table

Riempie Bench

White picnic bench

Natural Picnic Bench

Ottoman various colours

Bean bags

Ground cushions



Mushroom Heater

Fire cage

Bali Chair

Wicker Lounger

Natural Garden Bench

White garden bench

Trestle Table (Plastic & Wood)

White plastic table

Plastic chair (white)

Plastic chair (black)

Plastic table and chairs

Beer bench